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I bet Martin is going to put a curse on me for the last one :D

Pictures taken on North Gower Street, London (21st of August 2013).

More setlock pics.


MORE Hi-Res ! 2014 09 01 - London - Gala Screening of ‘ The Guest ’ at Soho Hotel by Stuart C Wilson

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Caption : LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 01:  Dan Stevens and Benedict Cumberbatch attend a Gala Screening of “The Guest” at Soho Hotel on September 1, 2014 in London, England.  (Photos by Stuart C. Wilson for Icon Film Distribution)

"My name is Raven. I am a mutant. A shape-shifter. A friend of Charles Xavier."

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in an effort to “get caught up,” Steve becomes the pop culture junkie of the group 

he lives for the looks of confusion on other people’s faces and makes increasingly obscure references in a not-so-subtle attempt at revenge

some are born hipsters, some achieve hipsterdom and some become hipsters fOR VENGEANCE

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Supernatural in Infographics: Seasons 1-8 (click to enlarge)

Just because I thought it was cool and I thought you guys would find it cool

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